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Christmas Menu
Fussy Free Range Hams & Pork
Traditional Cooked Free Range Leg Ham on the bone$21.99/kg
Traditional Cooked Free Range Leg Ham on the bone
Made in house with our special woodchip blend




Approx 3.5kg – 5kg

Approx 7kg – 8kg

Approx 9kg – 10kg
Famous Fussy Glazed HamHalf $150.00
Full $250.00
A masterpiece for the table. Let us do the work for you. We start with our traditional cooked ham on the bone deskinned and scored decorated with cloves, cherries, pineapples glazed over an hour with our signature Fussy Australian plum, ginger, citrus and honey glaze.Half
Approx 4kg

Approx 8kg
Boneless Leg Ham$29.99/kg
Free Range boneless leg ham made traditionally in house smoked with our fussy woodchip blend. Approx 2kg – 3kg
Bone in Raw Ham Boneless Raw GammonBone in $18.99/kg
Boneless $29.99/kg
Pickled and smoked NOT cooked, perfect for boiling or webber ready. Boneless Approx
2.5kg – 3.5kg

Bone in Approx half
5kg – 6kg
Approx full
10kg – 12Kg
Pickled PorkBone in $18.99/kg
Boneless S29.99kg
Free Range leg of pork pickled in our own in-house made brine, salted to perfection. Ready for you to bake, smoke or webber.
Rolled Free Range Loin of Pork$27.99/kg
Rolled loin of pork simply the best. Easy to cook, easy to carve, tender with the best crackle. Approx 2.5kg
Seasoned Rolled Free Range Loin of Pork$27.99/kg
Rolled Loin of Pork stuffed with our Fussy apple, sage and rosemary stuffing. Contains gluten. Approx 2.5kg
Traditional Italian style Porchetta$29.99/kg
Full rolled loin of free range pork with belly on seasoned with our own Fussy Italian classic herb rub for the Fussy customers, looking for a large pork this one is for you. Cut to order. 2kg – 7kg
Free Range Pork Belly$28.99/kg
Every bodies favourite, juicy pork belly with heaps of crackle. Cut to any size.
Fussy Free Range Turkey & Poultry
Whole Free Range Wagin Turkey
Available sizes 4kg – 6kg – 8kg – 10kg
Feeds 5-8 people, 9-11 people, 12-15 people, 16-23 people
Free Range Turkey Breast Roll
Succulent whole rolled turkey breast trimmed and netted ready for the oven.Approx size 2kg
Seasoned Free Range Turkey Breast Roll
Whole Turkey breast seasoned with our special Fussy cranberry, apple and pistachio stuffing or our gluten free fresh herb and butter stuffing.
Approx size 2.5 kg
Cooked Turkey Breast Roll$49.99/kg
Make your Christmas easy. Let the Fussy crew do the work for you, cooked Turkey breast roll seasoned with our famous inhouse made Fussy fresh herb and butter gluten free stuffing. Pick up cold and ready for slicing. Approx 2kgs
Turkey Buffe
Free Range Turkey breast on the bone, no legs, no thighs.
2 sizes available 4kg or 6kg.
Turkey Ballantyne$120.00
Boneless chicken inside a boneless duck inside a boneless turkey, packed between each layer is our Fussy herbs and onion pork and veal GF seasoning making a solid 5kg roast to feed the crew.
Whole Free Range Large Chickens 2kg+
Fresh local Wagin Ducks
(the best in WA)
Fussy Boneless Chicken Roll
Whole free range chickens boned and rolled with our very own famous inhouse made Fussy fresh herb and butter stuffing. GF. Approx 2kg
Fussy Beef
Scotch Fillet Roast$61.99/kg
100 day grain fed Scotch Fillet when only the best will do.
Cut to size, min weight 2kg.
Standing Rib Roast$48.99/Kg
Scotch Filler Rib Rack on the bone.Min weight 2kg.
Seasoned Roast Beef$24.99/kg
Tender yearling grade premium beef seasoned with salt and pepper, kept simple.
Fussy Lamb
Traditional Bone in Leg$21.99/kg
Western Australia best lightly seasoned with salt, pepper and rosemary.
Cut to order. Max 3kg
Boneless leg of Lamb$29.99/kg
The name says it all! Easy to carve, easy to cook and even easier to eat.
Finely seasoned salt and pepper.
Fussy Catering
Speak to the fussy crew about our catering options for work functions and end of year Christmas parties.
All sizes are approximate.
Please ask the Fussy Crew for any special requests.